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Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Hye guyss. * I donno either this blog still have readers or not*

Almost 2 years I didnt update any post or even log in into this blog stuff. Yaaa I have been busy with other things. Yadaa yadaa of course the study things laaa. Well, currently in my final year final sem of my degree program. Sebab tadi mase log in ade budak ni tinggal comment kat one of my previous entry, which post bout the thing masa mula-mula daftar masuk UNITEN duluu. Yaaa you can find by your own later. Seee how long I didnt open this blog!! Last post was on March 2013. Perghhhhh!

And when I read back some of the entry in this blog, they make me smilee and rasa nak gelak gilaaa-gilaaaa Well, cube korang bukak and baca entry blog korang balek, dont u fell the same?? ** okey maybe it only mee. NVM*

But you know what, bagusss jugak kan update blog for every moment you have in your life, well I dont say ALL THE THING but for certain things, you can update and it will be the memories and sumthing you can read through it later bila dah ada anak kee, bila dah abes belajar jee dan kau akan gelak sorang-sorang bila bacee balik. Well with the way you write it, mesti korang tulis dgn penuh emosikan blog-blog korang tuu? Dengan cara tak matured nyeee. Believe me, you will laugh like **** later on. Teheeee ^^

So, later I will update moreeeee bout the things had happen sebelum-sebelum niee. Yaaa I know, maybe know one will read, but I will read it laterrrrrr. Okehhh?

*Mood stalk blog orang ON!!*


thanx sebab sudi baca post nie..anything to say??just leave your coment here :)
thanks for reading and please come again (n_n)