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Monday, April 13, 2015



Just a quick and short post. If you or any of your friend are currently doing or conduct a project, tak kesah laaa FYP kee individual project ke, and currently searching for Arduino UNO board, I have one. I bought last year, not remember exact date. But unfortunately I was not using the board. All related wires and a few others yang related to use the board I bought.

So just in case, you are currently searching and want to buy the things, kindly contact me through my email. Nak let go harga murah-murah. Daripada terbiar dalam almari takde orang guna kann, baik jual kat korang jeee.

Will upload the pictures later, since I have something else to do now. Got to go!! Byeeeee!

Ohh before terlupa, email me at

Byeeeee :)